Welcome to kadi-apy’s documentation!

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Kadi-APY is a library for use in tandem with Kadi4Mat. The REST-like API of Kadi4Mat makes it possible to programmatically interact with most of the resources that can be used through the web interface by sending suitable HTTP requests to the different endpoints the API provides.


Detailed information about the HTTP API of Kadi4Mat itself, including all endpoints and their parameters, can be found in the developer documentation of Kadi4Mat.

The goal of this library is to make the use of this API as easy as possible. It offers both an object oriented approach to work with the API in Python as well as a command line interface. The library is written in Python 3 and works under Linux, Windows and macOS. The source code of the project can be found here.

This chapter describes how to install, upgrade and configure kadi-apy.

The library can be used by via Python or via a command line interface (CLI). Additionally, various functionality exists to implement custom CLI commands (CLI Library). Please also see the different example files in the code repository.