When installing the library from source for development instead, it is recommended to install it in editable mode, which simply creates a link to the sources so all changes are reflected in the installed package immediately. The following command will also install some additional development dependencies as defined in pyproject.toml:

pip3 install -e .[dev]

Especially for development, running the installation inside a virtual environment is recommended, see Virtualenv for more information.

At this point, it is also recommended to already install the pre-commit hooks by running:

pre-commit install

Besides pre-commit, Pylint is used as a static code analysis tool. It can be used to check the whole project by running:

pylint kadi_apy

For contributions, it is recommended to first create a fork of this project and clone it. The main repository can be added as an additional remote to the cloned project, often called upstream. Also checkout the development branch, which is currently used as the main development branch.

Before creating a merge request on the main repository, make sure the GitLab CI runs through successfully in your fork. If applicable, make sure to add an entry about any new functionality to You may also add yourself as a contributor to